For Medical Practitioners: Seeking improvement on efficacy and results of medications on their patients, with our range of Pharmaceutical products.

For nearly two decades, Euromed Limited has been an innovative pharmaceutical company of high standard, known for it’s quality and efficacious pharmaceutical products. Euromed Limited is the sole distributor of Clomid in Nigeria which is the innovator brand of Clomiphene Citrate, renown for it’s efficacy in enhancing fertility in Women and Men. Other products of ours range from Nutritional supplements to Oral antibiotics, Injectible antibiotics and Antispasmodics. We look forward to consolidating more of OTC products befitting the Nigerian market and in alignment with our partners in the health care delivery system.

Currently our list of products include:

Clomid 50mg tablet (Infertility therapy)

Spizef 250mg&500mg tablet (Oral Antibiotics)

Hyoce 20mg/ml- IV/IM (Antispasmodic injectable)

Andcef 1g- IV (Antibiotic injectable)

Euroboost-C 1000mg (Vitamin)

Are you a Medical Doctor or Pharmacist seeking to improve your patient’s chances of conception, as well as to improve on commendable results with our product range? Do reach out to us for more information about these products. Our experienced medical professionals will be sure to attend to your enquiries promptly.

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